A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A homemade car, no gas pedal, and one big hill. Start pushing!

Downhill Derby is a boxcar-derby-style racing game featuring a steep downhill track and a wild ride. Collect power-ups on your way down to speed up, but don't get turned around or crash! No, really – if you get stuck, you have to restart the race.


  • Steer – WASD or arrows / joystick
  • Push – Enter / A on Mac Xbox controller
  • Pause – Esc / Start on Mac Xbox controller

Compatible with:

  • Mac with keyboard or XBox 360 Controller
  • Windows PC with keyboard
  • Linux with keyboard


downhill_derby_v_0_1_5.app.zip 41 MB
downhill_derby_v_0_1_5.linux.zip 41 MB
downhill_derby_v_0_1_5.win.zip 71 MB

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